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Where We Go
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A song about living young, growing old, and still living after 90 years! This one is for Steele Hart's grandfather, George Salmon.
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Words & Music by Steven K. Williams 2006
2006, The Steele Hart Sound
December 29, 2006
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Remember, son, I was a young’un once Wonderin’ if I’d live long enough To be a young man, go fishin’ with my friends And go on squirrel hunts. Maybe drive a car, captain a boat, fly in navy planes; You know, all that grown-up stuff. But sometimes I'd wonder Where I’d be after all of this. Finally got it all, and maybe more Than what I had ever bargained for. Driving ‘round in cars, cruisin' the coast, But lost part of myself in the Pacific war. Couldn’t wait to get back home ‘Cause I had three young’uns with that girl next door. No, we never seemed to wonder Where we’d go after all of this. Worked 50 years of my life; Once at cotton mill in the southern heat. Most of the time I was a painter, Coating this lumber town once or twice. The times with my fishin’ buddies; Well, that’s something that you just can’t beat. Believe me, son, I know Where I’ll go after all of this. Where we go fishin’ Anyplace is fine and it’s free. You know, it’s just between nature and me. And after all of this is gone, Oh, I know where I’ll be. Now I’m 90 years old, And the cards I’ve been dealt, Oh no, they weren’t so low. Living a full life, but some day I guess I'm gonna have to fold, So I can join my one-and-only soul mate In that place where we go. [Tell me where we go] Oooo, that place where we go.
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