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Working Class Doll
Single - $0.25
A song about how important it is not put your life on hold, working yourself to death, while watching everyone else's charade of living the good life.
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
Previous peak charts position #145
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #41
Words & Music by Steven K. Williams 2006
2006, The Steele Hart Sound
December 28, 2006
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Already preoccupied on cell phones in their BMW's As she waits on the curb for the metro bus. Well, it's a busy world and she's a busy girl. She always seems to be in a rush! At the metros first stop is a Starbucks and a bagel shop, But there's not enough time to even get a cup. It's a busy day and there's no time to stay. Why won't people just wake up? Why does she work so hard? Will she always be behind it all? She knows shes not like all the rest, But will life ever be fair to this working class doll? The day goes by so fast; it's already dark. She's done twice as much as the guy In the cube next door. Oh well, this lazy man, he always thinks he can Just leave her behind with so much more. How can he make more than her? She just cant make sense of it all. Why's her mountain always steeper than his? Will life ever be fair to this working class doll? She always works so late, You know, she's just tryin' to catch up. It's almost 8 o'clock; the boss just gave her that look. She's a beautiful girl in a man's working world, But she reads them all just like a book. Well, she goes straight home after 12 long hours. She sips a cold beer all alone with her thoughts. It's a lonely world for a hard working girl But she'll never be what the world has been taught. Why does she work so late? Will she ever have time for it all? Will her hard work ever pay off? Will life ever be fair to this working class doll?
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