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Cabaret Song
Folk cabaret with a polka feel. A song about the temporary nature of life.
Single - $0.50
Acoustic - Folk
Previous peak charts position #192
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #23
Don Tassone
(c)2006 Don Tassone
December 27, 2006
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4:55 minutes
Story behind the song
A friend of mine was with me the night we met her. He was totally smitten but way too shy to make a move. I was intrigued by the atmosphere that she created- which inspired me to write the song. Years later, he met her again and discovered that she had been attracted to him as well. But alas, it was never meant to be. As they had grown and the years had passed, their lives were to tread on very different paths.
CABARET SONG (c) 2006 Don Tassone In a bar in the middle of town There’s a lady in a dark flowing gown And she’s swaying, cabareting Singing songs she knows in German She’s a woman no one understands A pretty stranger from a far away land And she’s leaving Listen while you can my friend In a world of growing apathy There are many who only wish that they could be With her swaying... In her eyes you see a thousand worlds When she cries, she cries a thousand pearls keep her swaying... Everything around you- It will all disappear All that you enjoy, All that you hold near So why should you care? This world can be so cold No one around you With whom to share and hold But she’s a woman... To be more certain Is to be more free Extreme religion- Extreme slavery World of sand People everywhere And you are just one more Trying so hard to care Yea, she’s a woman No one understands A pretty stranger From a far away land And she’s leaving Listen while you can my friend, My friend, My friend
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