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From our new release "Haywire", produced by Andy Kubiszewski. Searching for something higher, something larger than life.
Rock - Goth Rock
Previous peak charts position #174
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #9
Christopher Foldi
2004 Confusion Music, BMI
September 02, 2003
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Story behind the song
Searching for something larger than life...
levity [vision 03] ------------------ open outside freedom waiting motion where i'm searching for levity when will she save me from drifting down still expansion breathes you're so distant cold you're so distant cold and old (i hate what comes down) i want to visualize, i want to be outside i'm searching for levity i want to be above, beyond the clouds i'm searching for levity i am searching for levity larger than life knowledge more vast than we know or we come from i am moving on i want to follow my impulses to help me figure out i want to ascend to the excess outside world about i want to visualize, inside of velvet skies i'm searching for levity i want to touch her light, carress a distant thought i'm searching for levity help me look outside will she try to hide i'm searching for levity when will she find me i look... i see nothing i want to visualize, watch her power rise i'm searching for levity i want to see her eyes converge with mine i'm searching for levity i'll see beyond the clouds when will she find me? (c) 2003 Christopher Foldi
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