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Lord I'm seeking You!
A praise song to the Lord
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Pop - Contemporary Christian
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Ernie Chavez
December 08, 2006
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Story behind the song
The Lord put this song on my heart in seeking his strength in being pure.
Jesus, I'm knocking on the door for you. I'm searching out Your living word, and your living truth. Jesus I come to you in brokeness, Lord here's my heart it's all a gift, and I give it all to you. Jesus purify me, Holy Spirit I ask that you guide me Jesus purify me, Heavenly Father I worship You Jesus, You gave You life for me, gave me eternity. To spend with You! Jesus, Lord it's just like You said, that when You conquered death we'd find our life through You Father I want to know this Love you give Holy Spirit lead me to You gifts Jesus teach me 'bout this Love You give, Lord I'm seeking You.
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