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Fast dance number. Kind of my life motto. Try as we might we really can't control everything going on around us.
Country - Alternative Country
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David Raymer
December 31, 2006
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Story behind the song
I've been through a lot of crap the past few years, as I guess we all have. Do we really change anything by worrying about it? (FYI - for you non-sports fans, the Devil Rays are a baseball team in Tampa, FL.)
My car is broke down but whatever, I'm stuck in this town but whatever. My goldfish just drowned but whatever, My smile looks like a frown but whatever. The milkman's my kid's dad, but whatever. My daughter is pregnant but whatever. My son says he's gay but whatever, I'm a fan of the Devil Rays but whatever. My government's broke but whatever, the President's a dope but whatever. I'm too sick and tired to write a letter, I'm looking for a rope but whatever. I've got colon cancer but whatever, My son wants to be a ballet dancer but whatever. My waistline's expanding but whatever, My boss is too demanding but whatever. They took away my house but whatever, and then I lost my spouse but whatever. My kids can't read or write but whatever, And I ain't too bright neither but whatever. Music and lyrics copyright 2006 by David Raymer
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