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Parody of Christina Aguilera's Reflection from the Disney Movie Mulan about a gay person dealing with the world's view of him.
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June 20, 2018
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Story behind the song
The original story behind this song was a half truth and therefore I figured I'd be a little more direct. This song isn't funny, it's not of my nature when it comes to parody, but I saw it as an opportunity to be more direct with a song that can be applied to us who deal with discrimination every day for who we are.
Look at Me You May Think You See Who I Really Am but You'll Never Know Me Everyday It's As If I Play A Part Now I See, If I Walk Like That I Can Fool The World but I Cannot Fool My Heart Who Is That Guy I See? Standing Right Across from Me I Wish I Could Show Him Now How I Feel Inside Staring Now, At A Guy but and Trying to Defeat My Fears I'm Afraid of My Tears And I Know That He's Inside My Heart Our Love Should Be Taking Off Who Is That Guy I See Now Staring Deep In Me Why Can't Love Be Left Alone in Harmony I Try to Act Like I Look At Girls Not At Guys When Will My Reflection Show My Rainbow Inside There's A Door That Has No Key Opens Life A Guy With A Need to Grow Out of His Lie Why Must My Kind Conceal Who They Love or How They Feel Must There Be A Closet We Must Hide Behind I Won't Pretend That I'm Someone Else for All Time When Will My Reflection Show My Rainbow Inside When Will My Reflection Show My Rainbow Inside
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