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a tribute to Attack of the Mushroom People (demo version)
Rock - Goth Rock
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Millie Landrum Hesser BMI 2006
December 02, 2006
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Story behind the song
It's about a vegetable garden on a military base grown in the nitrogen of decaying missiles.
If you stood in my place. If I stood where you are. When I see through your face. When I drive in your car. A machine to give life. A machine takes away. Mass death by design a button away. In the garden lovely green large and fragrant things to eat. Ripe strawberries, corn, and beans, peaches, lettuce, sweet green peas. If I stood in your place. If I stood where you are. In a button-down shirt. In an imported car. Dream the good life. Drink it away. Blood on your hands, and nothing to say. In the garden, etc. In the forest nothing grew. Overhung in dark perfume. Sprung the mushroom from the roots. Force primeval springs the truth.
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