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Summer Art Must Live
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Zach Weisberg
November 19, 2006
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2:59 minutes
Destination on a Summer's eve Inside my head I lay my pleas I pray the water will come swallow me Oh Freedom's such a simple thing Came around on a Sunday and I must say I forgot to pray Still alive on Monday let the weekend work it's thirsty game Where you going? And where you been? These hills are rolling and I think that we should roll with them 1, 2, 3 won't you walk with me? Red pastures soon be turning green Unfolding til they lose their leaves And drip away this summer's eve They live to live and die to give A dream, a thought, a wink, a hint of what it is to breathe it in. The art just wants to live again. A silhouette smiles into faded lines They wind their way past velvet eyes I veil my sight with honesty because Freedom's such a simple thing