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Color Me Brightly
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Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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Zach Weisberg
November 19, 2006
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2:57 minutes
It such a simple, simple, simple, simple Little little thing and it's crawling to my center like it's burning through my teeth That doesn't mean I don't believe anything It means I don't know wha the f*** I think that I can still hide another smile up my sleeve I can listen to the ocean when she's talking to me She says, "I'll lay down eventually for you. It's true." Don't stop. Color me brightly. Your rhythm is inviting. Don't stop. It's so soothing I'm choosing to keep moving. Flicker once, flicker twice. Doesn't that feel nice? To realize what you've got inside? It's so alive, it burns and writhes, just hold your pride and listen to the night Because it leads to somewhere inside you It leads to something you thinks true Who knew? Chorus