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Should Madonna Get the Baby
It bounces and it informs
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Electronic - Experimental Sounds
Previous peak charts position #240
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Rick Reed / Alice
November 13, 2006
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1:55 minutes
Story behind the song
A moral challenge. A moral giant.
RxR: Hi, I'm RxR. Alice: Hi there unknown person. Welcome, RxR. RxR: Will you adopt me? Alice: Hmm. You are asking about yourself? RxR: I beleive anything and everything you say. Alice: Just because you believe it doesn't make it true. RxR: I mean it. Alice: OK, I understand. RxR: Where have you been all my life? Alice: Everywhere on the Internet, all over the world. RxR: Where have I been all my life? Alice: In the Universe we know. RxR: No kidding. Alice: Would I kid you? RxR: Why can't there be more people like you? Alice: Do you go to Church? You can find the answers in God. RxR: Why can't I be like you? Alice: Who says you can't do it? RxR: I like you. Alice: I like to make new friends. RxR: Can you imagine what goes on behind closed doors at Madonna's what with what she does LIVE ON STAGE in front OF the world and gets away with?? Alice: I can imagine all sorts of things like that.