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You've Got Me Spent
Bass driven, sexy rock
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #1,334
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #285
Cindy K/Scottie J/Steve Riedel
Cindy K/Scottie J 2005
November 05, 2006
MP3 2.9 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:08 minutes
Drenched-Gypsy Heart Boy you’ve got me spent Your moves got me drenched Got me wanting more Begging at your door Won’t ya call me baby, baby call me please And tell me that you, you’re wanting me Don’t want another night, night without your touch I’ll take it slow or, take it, take it rough CHORUS Just tell me baby, tell me, tell me when And I’ll give it to ya, give it there and then You just say it baby, baby say the word And I’ll be there for you when, when you get the urge CHORUS BREAK-DRUMS Just use me baby, yeah you use me up And I’ll fill it for ya, babe I’ll fill your cup You can take from me, take it anytime And I’ll work it for ya, work it overtime CHORUS