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Atlantic City
A collab with Jordan Michael Peterson, a great pop tune in a Billy Joel vein. It's available on Jordan's new CD, 'Reflections' available at his website (jordanpeterson.net)
Pop - Pop Rock
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Z. Mulls/J. Peterson
May 30, 2007
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Story behind the song
This was an explicit stab at writing a "Billy Joel" style lyric. It was inspired by the Miss America pageant announcing it would move to either Nashville or Las Vegas. I offered it to a young composer named Jordan Michael Peterson, who is a whiz on the keyboard and has a great musical sense, and he ran with it. The "Under the Boardwalk" lyric was in there as a tip of the hat to the nostalgic song, and Jordan was able to incorporate it musically as well. The "over the sands" line has a double meaning as well, referring to one of the original casinos in AC. This song is now available on Jordan's new CD, "Reflections" You can but it here on Soundclick or at his website
There�s an old Jewish guy closing his shop The one just a block from the pier He's tired of everyone calling him �Pop� His wife passed away just last year He breathes out some steam on the real estate sign The one that thank goodness says �Sold� He thinks Sarasota will suit him just fine And he tightens his coat in the cold (chorus) And a cold wind blows In Atlantic City Over the ocean Across the sands Everyone knows In Atlantic City The shifting emotion Of losing hands The young man moves up to deliver room service With packets of blow and of weed Keeps his head down, he always gets nervous But he gets what the high rollers need And he goes past the boardwalk, where nobody browses Sees people who don�t come to play The people who live near the boarded-up houses With no chance of moving away (chorus) Under the Boardwalk it�s not what it was It�s no place for love anymore The splash of the waves is drowned out by the buzz That you hear indoor On the casino floor Ask and you might find an interesting story On the buses that always come through This woman here was almost Miss Missouri In the pageant in seventy-two Miss America has now left the building Off to the south or the west Take down the neon and peel back the gilding And try not to get too depressed (chorus)
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