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You Caught a Flight
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A short nonsense song.
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #397
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #39
Rick Norton
┬ęcopyright 2002 Rick Norton
October 08, 2005
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You Caught a Flight [ch] You had a fight You caught a flight Now I know why You're here tonight 2x [v1] She explained to Jane While on the plane That Bill forgot To make his will Jane had cried As had Adelide She hoped that Jack Was coming back [ch] 2x [v2] Jane said nothing About Jack's fling Adelide knew That they were through And Adelide Had always tried To get Bill To take his pill [ch] 2x [v3] When Bill died Poor Adelide Got on the plane And sat with Jane So Jack had fled And Bill was dead Jane and Adelide Sat side by side [ch] 2x