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A Daughter I Didn't Know About
Sometimes people come into our lives we didn't plan on, and we make room for them in our hearts anyway.
Country - Alternative Country
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David Raymer
October 18, 2006
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Story behind the song
Partially based on a true story. This photo is me and my niece in case anybody's interested. She is a cutie though and it made a good photo for this song.
It happened so many years ago, I met her after the movie show. She had a ready laugh, and a warm smile. I was only going to be in town, for a while. We went for a walk down the street, and loved bloomed on that warm July Night. We tried to hold on, but it wasn't meant to be. I was two states away, within the week. Now today in my mail I got a battered envelope, with a small photograph, and a handwritten note. All those memories came flooding back from seven years ago. And I guess I've got a daughter, I didn't know about. Here eyes look just like my Aunt Janes, and when I look at my jaw, well it looks just the same. Her Mom said she likes piano and dancing ballet. She's got some questions about her Dad, she's heard the whole story she's more curious than sad, now I'm thinking about what I should write. I didn't think it would take the whole night, wasn't ready for this - let's give it a try. Didn't know I was soft, didn't think I was that kind of guy. And I didn't know about her, but I love her just the same. Music and lyrics copyright 2006 by David Raymer
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