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Muncie Saturday Night
Quick dance number! Great for line dancing! Ever wonder what ever happened to small town life in America? It's still there you've just gotta look for it.
Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #75
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
David Raymer
October 16, 2006
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Story behind the song
I grew up in Simi Valley California, which is (was) a rural area north of Los Angeles. It's changed a lot but I still remember how it was. My brother went to college in Indiana and this is based on some of his recollections.
If you ain't doing nothing well drive on down. In the south of Indiana is the friendliest town. Well there ain't all that many places to go but people take the time to say hello. People here'd rather shake hands than fight. The supermarket and liqour store are open all night. Talking 'bout Muncie, Muncie Saturday night. Talking 'bout Muncie, well there ain't another place that'll make you feel so right. Well them Indiana girls are as pretty as they can be they look finer than the models on a Paris runway. No one locks their doors cause there ain't no need, the last thing that got stolen was a sack of horse feed. You never saw stars that can shine so bright, well it's just another Muncie Saturday night. (chorus) If you like bowling alleys well we got six, there's all kinds of places you can get your kicks. Get a trim and a shave down at old big Al's, people playing checkers in the park with their pals. We got both kinds of music country and western, if you like line dancing gotta wait your turn. (chorus) Music and lyrics, copyright David Raymer 2006
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