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Freaks Fight Back
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Alt-Pop-Rock in the style of The Killers and Maroon 5
Alternative - Alt Power Pop
Previous peak charts position #288
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #31
Capers Simmons
October 10, 2006
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“Freaks Fight Back” Capers Simmons CHORUS The Freaks fight back, (The Freaks fight back.) Freaks fight back; ( The Freaks fight back.) Freaks fight back! And now they’re on the attack Yeah, the Freaks fight back. VERSE I Nightmares can’t make you scared When your real life is twice as bad But if you’re a Freak don’t be in fear There’s a lesson for you here Let me tell ya a little story ‘bout some Freaks like you Didn’t quite fit in, didn’t know what to do But come one day they’d had enough And got going when the going got tough VERSE II They were hanging out, just having fun Playing street ball in the setting sun Now that school’s out, it was time to play ‘Til the Normals said, “You’re in our way. We got an APB on the neighborhood Freaks If you don’t fit in you’re gonna be dead meat So hide your face, run back home And we might just let you go.” But, ~ CHORUS ~ VERSE III Slow down, it’s walk-don’t-run Hey now, you’re in danger, son. When the Normals get their fists and knives Freaks should run to save their lives Duck and cover, run and hide, but Freaks don’t want to play inside. So stand your ground and don’t back down You better not hang around, ‘cause ~ CHORUS ~ BRIDGE Jump back, watch your face When the Normals are on your case, you got to Jump left, hold your breath They’s gonna go for your neck, it’s time to Swing right for the hard goodnight Knock ‘em down and out their lights Facing fear is half the fight Stand up for your rights, ‘cause ~ CHORUS ~
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