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1000 Castles (Down The Street)
HIGHLANDS46 - 1000 Castles(Down The Street)
Pop - Pop Rock
Charts #44 in subgenre today (peak #6)
Previous peak charts position #110
Words & music by Oleg Ivaniloff
Oleg Ivaniloff (C) 2003
August 04, 2003
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128 kbps bitrate
3:24 minutes
Story behind the song
This song was originally composed by myself on waking up at 6 a.m. on July, 17, 1998 in the country camping. I composed the song to my acoustic guitar I had there and wrote it on a napkin :) The song was dedicated to my girlfriend Oksana.
1000 Castles (More Than A Dream) words and music by Oleg Ivaniloff (C) You're more than a dream, 'Cos every bird in the morning Gives its singing to you With the first ray of the Sun. You're more than a dream, 'Cos every smile, that is burning On the faces of people, Gets brighter, when you run... CHORUS: Down the street, where I meet you on the corner, And our kisses will confuse a lonely man.. I'll build up a thousand castles in the honour Of that love, which came to me I knew not when... You're more than a tune, For no words can ever describe you, And no melody is able to explain. You're more than a tune, For you've got this music inside you In the heart of yours, which all of a sudden fell... CHORUS
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