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Tell My Wife I Love Her
A ballad about everyday heros who risk the ultimate sacrifice each day. They do this for all of us.
Country - Alternative Country
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David Raymer
March 12, 2007
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4:33 minutes
Story behind the song
You want to meet a hero just shake the hand of the next person in uniform you see.
The police dispatch phone crackled on, said we got us a situation. Old Slim Watkins' got a shotgun on his wife, and he's running out of patience. John was the first to arrive at the scene, he said Slim don't do it, it ain't worth it. Then Slim turned the gun on our friend John, and the room exploded in lighting. The rescue squad did what they could, but he was beyond any man's medicine. They packed his wounds but as he faded away, this is what he said: Tell my wife I love her, tell my wife I care. Tell my wife I love her, and I'll always be there. Tell my wife I'm sorry, and that she'll be fine. Tell her that I'll see her, somewhere down the line. The airplanes struck the towers, flown by men filled by fear and hate. And it's funny but how I see it, God sure don't need them to be great. 500 rescuers ran up the stairs, only 200 made it out that day. Later on a firefighter lay on the ground, somebody holding his hand heard him say. (chorus) A young soldier road in a Bradley, his chest filled with patriotic pride. He'd risk his life to bring freedom, across a 500 year divide. He held his M-16 at the ready, wore his armor in 110 degrees. The caravan brought food and water, to help the lives of children and their families. But a white flash lifted the patrol off the ground, and the soldier he saw no more. As as his precious life flowed from his veins, somebody heard him implore... (chorus) FYI: The reference "God sure don't need them to be great" is from the phrase "Alla Akbar" which most suicide bombers yell before they blow themselves up. "Alla Akbar" means "God is great" which is of course the worst kind of irony - if they think God is great then he shouldn't need these idiots running around murdering people for Him. Music and lyrics copyright David Raymer 2006
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