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FUTURE Music - Part 1
This is the ELECTRONIC synth PRELUDE (part 1 of FUTURE MUSIC) to the "Part 2" Main section of the composition that follows...this is a short "preamble" with "synth strings"...an ocean of sound!! RELAXING, peaceful, meditative, spiritual!!!
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Electronic - Ambient
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John David Thomas
1999 by John David Thomas
February 13, 2002
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7:32 minutes
Story behind the song
This FUTURE MUSIC (Part 1: synth string section) was inspired by a creative surge and artistic inspiration from my visiting many art galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona in the mid-1980's while living in Phoenix, and from "spiritual forces in the air" where I lived and worked...I was in 2 very "heavy" churches at this time...one was a FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT church in Phoenix, designed by the world-famous architect himself, and the other was a huge MEGA-church (non-denominational) in north-central Phoenix, with a congregation of 3,000 people!! I was totally immersed "spiritually" at this time, and was also extremely ACTIVE artistically and musically, while I earned my living playing solo grand piano at 2 famous resorts in the Scottsdale, Arizona area from 1986-May 1987, and was in recording studios at this time, also!! FUTURE MUSIC (Parts 1 & 2) is a "precursor" or "predictor" of the SPACE music movement to follow later!! It is like "speaking in tongues" in the way of MUSIC, spiritually, taking a trip into space and experiencing the total "God-in-the-Universe" as a music-composer-astronomer-philosopher-artist would "see the Universe"...both MACRO and MICRO, one universe inside of another!! Imagine travelling at the speed of light!! That is the concept of this music...a musical "trip" or "oddessey", with great spirituality and for meditation!!