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Most Fiendish
...the question we all need to ask
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Alternative - Experimental
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Glitz Batty
September 26, 2006
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2:25 minutes
Story behind the song
song is about Madame Bathory and other evil doers who are not stopped due to their political position
^o^ MOST FIENDISH ^o^ 600 dead and tortured before they ever caught up with me, too afraid and self consumed selective in their sympathy, could have been 800 if one had not come forth, could have been zero if I'd never seen a man stuffed into a horse Mirror mirror on the wall, who's most fiendish of them all? Caged creatures screaming as blood showers on my skin, just mundane atrocities for sickened bourgeois vanity, I am evil through and through, but I couldn't do it alone to all who turn way from screams, The Countess thanks you so ^o^
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