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'A Chevy's got a style that's all it's own, Camaro, Corvette or El Camino!' The American worker is still the best in the world! Buy an American classic today!
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David Raymer
March 12, 2007
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Story behind the song
I've been living in Europe for 6 months, and all this American music keeps coming to my head. Some of my fondest memories are driving my Dad's green 72 El Camino when I was in High School. That was a great car. Got to buy one one of these days.
Chevrolet, written and performed by David Raymer Woke up this morning took my shave and my shower. Ate a quick breakfast gotta be there by the hour. Went to my import I love with all my heart. I turned the key and she wouldn't even start. The salesman told me it was the best that I could buy. Came with chopstix and all the rice that I could fry. That salesman never made it past the second grade. Next time I'm buying American Made. I'm going to buy a Chevrolet, baby, I'm going to drive it everyday. Jobs going overseas just as fast as they can. Seems no one cares about the working man. Stores are full of junk from overseas. Corporations getting just as rich as they please. I think you gotta draw the line somewhere, but the average person just don't even care. Just thinking about how much money they paid. Look for the sign that says American Made! (chorus) A Chevy's got a style that's all it's own - Camaro, Corvette or El Camino. They'll all look twice when you pull into town. Somebody tries you on you'll just run em in the ground. I got nothing against a Ford or GMC, they're just as American as they can be. When I drive home at the end of the day, under my hood it says Chevrolet! (chorus) Music and lyrics copyright 2006 by David Raymer
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