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Makhnovtchina (Makhno's Army)
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The Makhnovtchina was an anarchist Ukrainian army led by Nestor Makhno during the Russian Civil War of 1918-20. They fought the Germans, the white czarists, the nationalists and later the Bolshevik army. They were annihilated by the Bolsheviks.
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Etienne Roda-Gil/Mark Price, Sebastian Petsu, SuZQ
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September 22, 2006
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La Makhnovtchina Par les monts et par les plaines Dans la neige et dans le vent A travers toute l'Ukraine Se levaient nos partisans Au printemps les traites de Lenine Livraient l'Ukraine aux allemands A l'automne la Makhnovtchina Les avait jetes au vent Makhnovtchina Makhnovtchina Tes drapeaux sont noirs dans le vent Ils sont noirs de notre peine Ils sont rouges de notre sang L'armee blanche de Denikine Entre en Ukraine en chantant Mais bientot la Makhnovtchina L'avait dispersee au vent Makhnovtchina Makhnovtchina Armee noire de nos partisans Qui combattaient en Ukraine Contre les rouges et les blancs Makhnovtchina Makhnovtchina Ceci est ton testament : Tu voulais chasser d'Ukraine A jamais tous les tyrans This is my translation: In the fields and in the plains, a song, a cry on the wind was heard throughout Ukraine, the rising of our partisans. CHORUS: Makhnovtchina, Makhnovtchina, your flags are black in the mud. They are black with our sorrow. They are red with our blood. In the springtime, Lenin's treaties to the Germans had sold Ukraine. But the army of Nestor Makhno threw them out with the autumn rain. The white army of Denikin marched into Ukraine with a song, but the army of Nestor Makhno threw them out before too long. Though the Guard be Red or White, or wear any uniform at all, the spirit of Nestor Makhno will be with you when you're up against the wall.
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