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Give Us An Omnibus (Neighbours)
Acoustic Singalong Song About How The BBC Should Give Us a Neighbours Omnibus !
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Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Charles Beeching
Charles Beeching
September 21, 2006
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Story behind the song
Well I have to admit to being a Neighbours follower. For those of you who don't know what neighbours is, it's an Austrailian TV soap ('Oh yes''I hear you scream!). lol, anyway... I was sat there after watching yesturdays episode on TV and me and some of my friends have always wanted a neighbours omnibus, so we could sit there on a sunday for a whole feast of Neighbours, since there isn't usually a lot else to do on a Sunday :(( . Back to what i was talking about ; and so I just started strumming a few chords on my guitar with a notepad and all that... And I have to admit to not being a usual Singer/Guitarist so this is quite an amatuer song :P . Anyway, after a couple of hours I had a song I was happy with so I recorded a few takes into my computer (always messing up atleast once) So that's why there's a few mishaps in there, But meh, my voice is tired ! Call me Sad, call me mad, But this is my song to the BBC, which I hope to send to them (just trying to work out how atm, so i'm putting it here first !). If you're a neighbours fan i'm sure you can relate to the lyrics, So sing a long if want lol! Big it up to HAROLD BISHOP! and all the other Characters ;))
Verse 1 (slow) For a while now I’ve been wondering Why on a Sunday we can’t watch neighbours All the other soaps have an omnibus But they can’t compare to Neighbour’s genius Chorus Give us an omnibus Please please please Give us an omnibus Please please please Verse 2 The plots may not be flawless But its some good tv You gotta love the music they play At the end of each scene Even when it’s about to get dirty Y’know they’ll keep it clean Hey, but at the time they play it It can hardly be obscene Repeat Chorus Verse 3 It might be a little cheesy But that’s what keeps it cool I remember the days I used to come home And Watch it after school I still often wonder What makes it so damn good The way it makes your day Like no English soap ever could Repeat Chorus Verse 4 So whoever it is at The BBC Who decides which soap gets an Omnibus This is my song to ye Thought it might be more effective Than Writing a letter I just hope in the future Things might get better Repeat Chorus But Extend For Outro
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