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Psychedelic Dream
An ode to the psychedelic music of the late 1960's.
Rock - Classic Rock
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Gary Owen
Gary Owen
September 19, 2006
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Story behind the song
"Psychedelic Dream" takes the listener on a journey to the center of their mind. With it's Beatles / Monkees chord progressions to it's climactic coda, this song is a tip of the hat to an era in music which produced some of the most melodic and memorable songs in history. Produced by Mike Caro & Gary Owen
"Psychedelic Dream" (Verse 1): Hey never mind sleeping with your mind inside your head You might as well skip it and throw the covers off the bed (Chorus): Meet me outside in a psychedelic dream and come to a place where things aren't what they seem (Bridge 1): We will never know what's going on there We might even see diamonds in your hair Heart shaped rainbows in the solar air We won't know and we won't care (Solo 1) (Bridge 2): Hurry up follow me now We will get there somehow Traveling through light and time to a place I know we'll find (Verse 2): Hey never mind sleeping with your thoughts inside your brain You might as well fly and no (know?) you're not insane (Repeat chorus) (Bridge 3): Psychedelic dream Where things aren't what they seem Who knows where we are? Who knows where we are? (Verse 3): Hey never mind waiting for the sandman to arrive We're drifting away and I know we will survive (Solo 2) (Repeat chorus) (Coda): Psychedelic dream......
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