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This Is What It Sounds Like
A half-serious song about the legality of drugs. (Intros been changed slightly, voice now more audible!)
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Charles Beeching
Charles Beeching
September 21, 2006
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Story behind the song
Well I just wrote this one today, as i've just be wondering recently about how hypocritical some of our country's laws are. As I state in the song, i'm not paticularly into doing drugs all the time, and i'm hardly a heavy drinker either, It just seems silly to me that a drug, like alcohol which can be lethal very easily if misused is legal, when other drugs are illegal for the same reasons. I used to smoke quite a lot of marijuana, but i don't really touch it nowadays, and I wouldn't say for one minute that being drugged up 24/7 is a good idea, because it plainly isn't. I'm talking about the fact that good, honest people get locked up in jail, and or penalised for taking something for recreational uses, just as millions of people do legally, with alcohol. Without ranting on too much further, if i took a bottle of whiskey and downed it (legal), I would be in a right state of affairs afterwards, i'd most likely be dead or severely injured by it. But that's my choice, to do that, IF I really wanted to. But then it's illegal for me to take another 'drug' for a recreational use... I hope you've understood what i'm trying to say, that basically, it's not what you take, it's how you take it, and there shouldn't be laws that say one drug is legal, and another isn't , It should be one way or the other, in my opinion.
Don't forget to get yourself high, On all the reason's why you aren't allowed to get High, All we can do is ask them why, It's legal to drink but it causes so many to fight. 'This is what it sounds like' (Repeated) 'This is what it sounds like' 'This is what it sounds like' Not allowed to do that, but you can do this 'This is what it sounds like' 'This is what it sounds like' Even though in principle they are exactly the same 'This is what it sounds like' 'This is what it sounds like' It's just always been that way, so why should it change? 'This is what it sounds like' 'This is what it sounds like' Cos that's just how the law is..
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