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Flying Away
An ethereal and personal statement about moving on in life.
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Gary Owen
Gary Owen
September 19, 2006
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Story behind the song
"Flying Away" is about taking stock in myself and leaving the past behind. However, not without acknowledging certain people who'd let me down and lighting a torch for someone that I'd let down. Produced by Larry DeBari & Gary Owen
"Flying Away" (Verse 1) Reaching out of my window feeling the cool autumn breeze. I see the sun as it rises above the colorful forest trees. Never knew I could feel so content and free. Never knew that the world included me. (Chorus): So I think I'll take a stand and shake the dust from my hands and tell all my troubles I'm flying away. I'm flying away yeah yeah. (Verse 2) You know I've always seemed to been promised that these folks were all my friends. And as usual I'd find it out. I'd find the truth at the very end. Never knew how cruel they could be to me. Never knew the way it had to be. (Repeat chorus) (Bridge): You know I always seem to find out the hard way, yeah. I know it's true 'cause I miss you so much today. I'm dying to drop you a line just to see if everything is fine. I regret what I 've done. So I'll turn and face the sun. How I wish you were here. How I wish you were here. (Solo) (Repeat chorus) (Verse 3): So as I wander through my life wondering what's next for me. Will it catch me as I'm sleeping or will it touch me tenderly. I'd love to know if my skies will shine of blue. I'd love to know if I'll ever be seeing you. (Repeat chorus) (Out)
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