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prone before the throne of The Godfather of Soul. two verse demo.
Urban - Funk
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words and music by Ed Bertrand
2003 Edward W. Bertrand
July 11, 2003
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Story behind the song
ditchbank doodling with the AMPAD longboy. Home on the range with Ally Mc8.1. How could the lyric NOT reveal, revive and rejuvenate the funk that lamentably withers within?!
THING4U it's that giggle it's that crinklin' your nose it's that wiggle it's that ticklin' with your toes it's those nails and the places that they goes it never fails it's that nibblin' on my lobes I got inhibitions I got hidden doubt you got little passkeys let my monkey out I, I, I got a thing for you you make me somethin' crazy with that thing you do that little extra somethin' I come unglued I, I, I got a thing for you it's that 99-y eye it's that sly Samantha nose it's that jilted Jeannie sigh an' that jaunty Ginger pose it's that Ellie Mae pouty lip it's them petticoat junction bows it's that Laura Petrie flip it's that Wonder Woman jiggle 'round the globes I got complications I get inside out you got motivations make my monkey shout I, I, I got a thing for you peelin' off the ceilin' when the day is through at night you make it right doin' that thing you do I, I, I got a thing for you it's your comin' for the ride it's your answerin' the call it's your stickin' by my side when I swear I'll chuck it all it's your tangy-mellow blend heaven helper in a cup it's your fillin' me again it's that workin' perkin' never givin' up I got terminations final words been said you got incantations raise monkey from the dead I, I, I got a thing for you you make me something crazy with that thing you do you fret we sweat I come unglued I, I, I got a thing for you words by Ed Bertrand ©2003 Edward W. Bertrand ALL RIGHTS RESERVED reprinted by permission