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The Teamspeak Experiment
A mess-a-bout song that you may understand if you used the program Teamspeak ;)
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Charles Beeching
Charles Beeching
September 17, 2006
MP3 3.1 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:20 minutes
Story behind the song
Well, it was an ordinary day playing this game, Battlefield Pirates (a mod for Battlefield 1942) and I was on our clan Teamspeak server. There was lots of shouting and crap, and this guy Willem was being a bit of a fool, well actually, we all were ! Hey Hey! Anyways, some guy, called Threep made a recording of a little bit of it and then he sent it my way. Little did they know I was going to cut it up and make a song out of it. So if you've ever played Battlefield Pirates you may have heard this song anyway!
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