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Journey of the Cool Cat
Chilled out rock, a bit surfy?
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Charles Beeching
Charles Beeching
September 17, 2006
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Story behind the song
The other night I was out with a few of my friends sat around a fire in our local park (it's a pretty big park, lots of trees and all that) just pondering life's values and all that! Well this cat suddenly came out of nowhere, at first we wern't sure what it was rustling in the bushes, could've been a dodgy fellow, but eventually this black cat came to us. It stayed with us for hours, and even when we walked away it followed us, looking ahead, and behind, but always following.. We felt as though we had truely made a connection with that cat, it could've been that were all a bit wasted/tired, but who knows ;)) . But anyway, after being awake all night we finally got back to my friends house where we sat and pondered some more, as the cat sat in the front door, scouting out the street beyond it. Until eventually one of us dropped something and it made quite a crash, and the cat just ran for it, into the early morning light. We've not seen that cat since, but we know we will again one day :) So here's a song I made when I eventually dragged myself home, which is mainly just guitar parts that i've played and recorded, with a little reasonage... Enjoy!
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