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Just Let me say.. alternate lyrics
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This in another rewrite of one of my songs.
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Geoff Bullock
Geoff Bullock 2004
September 17, 2006
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Story behind the song
The miracle is not our love for God, it is his love for us. This song used to proclaim "Just let me say how mcu I love You". But, in reality, I would far rather celebrate: "just let me say how much You love me
Just let me say How much you love me Geoff Bullock Music ©: 1993 Word Music Words ©: 2004 Geoff Bullock Verse One: Just let me say how much you love me Let me speak of your mercy and grace, That lets me live in the shadow of your beauty So I may see you “face to face”. For the earth should shake As your word goes forth, And the heavens should tremble and fall Yet these words just say: you love me Oh my saviour, my Lord and friend. Verse Two: Just let me hear your finest whispers As you gently call my name And let me see your power and your glory Let me feel your spirit’s flame. For you have found me in my desert And this sand is holy ground, And my brokenness is mended By you my Lord and friend Verse Three: So let me say how much you love me, As all my hope is found in you And I am caught in this passion of knowing This endless love I have in you. For the depths of grace, the forgiveness found to be called a child of God, Just makes me say how much I love you Oh my saviour, my Lord and friend.
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