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Future Music - Part 2
"FUTURE MUSIC" (Part 2) was conceived, composed, performed, produced and recorded by ASCAP composer & Ball State University grad JOHN DAVID THOMAS...in December 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona at his residence...an explosion of musical notes!!
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Electronic - Electronica
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John David Thomas
1987 by John David Thomas
February 10, 2002
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24 kbps bitrate
28:25 minutes
Story behind the song
This was a creative inspiration that just "came into the mind" of JOHN DAVID THOMAS while meditating on "the meaning of life", sorting through his experiences, contemplating his future...he had recently gone into the desert of Arizona to look at "Halley's Comet", which happens once in a lifetime for most people...his lifelong interest in music, science, photography, and astronomy (having studied ALL of these in college!!) and his interest in NASA and the Space program, led him to envision a new style of musical expression, as evidenced here!! He even sent it to NASA in 1991, which NASA acknowledged!! This music pre-dates the movement of "space music"!!
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