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Wandering Star
Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. Jude:1:21
World - New Age
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Eric Randall
September 05, 2006
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Story behind the song
Inspired from the book of Jude. (the little book just before Revelation).
Up in a hurry, no time to worry, where you're going to Caught in a daydream, making your way seem like the thing to do You have a name the Wandering Star a cloud that has no rain An uprooted tree don't you see that you are living your life in vain Calling it freedom, restraints you don't need'em, there's no right or wrong Chasing desire and burning like fire expression is your song I hear you boast about liberation but you're a slave to sin And you'll never have true emancipation 'till Jesus lives within Deception is streamin' in Doctrines of Demons they're tickling your ears Gathering teachers and liberal preachers to take away your fears Is it "The Path to Illumination" that opens up your mind? When you arrive at the destination you won't like what you find Satan will seize us if we leave Jesus and that's the way it is Whoever you serve he's the one you deserve and forever you'll be His I'd rather be with the Lord who loved me enough to be crucified There's not even one thing I can see that the devil has done but lied Sometimes it's lonely but I know it's only for a little while So I get my pleasure from storing up treasure that won't go out of style I used to be like a Wandering Star thinking I should roam I ended up lost after traveling too far but Jesus brought me home
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