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This song saltues those who walk in joy, sing with gladness, even tho the world tries to stomp em down. Written by D. Rempel, and Von, this song is about ENDURANCE, IN SPITE OF everything the world throws at you.....
Rock - Christian Rock
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words: D.Rempel Y.Bach Music Y.Bach A. Elswick
September 03, 2006
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Story behind the song
D. Rempel actually started writing this song about me, (Von) and some of the things I've endured, and how I endure.... But this song became about SO MUCH MORE than just me..... the battle my dear father raised against cancer and lost, the sudden death of my mother, My oldest son's Cerebral Palsy, you know, STUFF..... it's become my personal anthem, my song of VICTORY OVER THE WORLD STUFF..... TO GOD I GIVE THE GLORY, FOR WITHOUT HIM, I SURELY WOULD FALL...... I also want to dedicate this song to an extraordinary woman, Lula Gross. Her unbelievable battle with cancer, her faith and her inability to take things "at face value" has been an inspiration to me, and to all who know her. Lula, God has so much in store for you... keep laughing, keep smiling and praising God for the incredible healing that is taking place in your body!!! GLORY!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!
Nightingale Verse one This is your valley Of deep night It seems it's empty Of hope and light. This is your season To stumble there Between your sorrow And your despair. Chorus Yet you sing, Oh, nightingale, That dawn will come, God will prevail. Your strength is gone Your vision fails, Yet you sing, Dear nightingale. Verse two This is your witness – Your faithful voice, Rising in worship Above the noise This is your music, Your song of praise piercing the darkness With Hope and faith. Bridge: You sing as tears fall from your face Steeped in pain, bathed in grace Sing like there is no tomorrow, Sing You Sing Through your sorrow
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