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Annie Laurie (Take 1 & 2)
This song was recorded in a authentic Scottish environment as it was recorded in my apartment which is right under a grove of genuine Scottish Palm Trees. Although this studio is in Japan the Scottish flavour can be sensed in this picture!
World - Traditional Celtic
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W. Douglas of Fingland / Lady (Alicia) John Scott
Patrick T. Connolly
September 11, 2006
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Story behind the song
The history of this sond is well known. The 3 sites, below, give a different slant to it; http://www.moniaive.com/annielaurie.html http://www.mixed-up.com/lyrics/folk/annie-laurie/ http://mysongbook.de/msb/songs/a/annilaur.html They say; Annie Laurie ... is probably Scotland's best-known love song. The original words were penned (maybe in the late 1690s) by William Douglas of Fingland. The tune was written by Lady John Scott (1810-1900) who altered the second verse and composed the third. A favourite with Scotsmen during the Crimean War.
Maxwelton's braes are bonnie, Where early fa's the dew, And 'twas there that Annie Laurie Gave me her promise true; Gave me her promise true, Which ne'er forgot will be, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and dee. Her brow is like the snaw drift, Her throat is like the swan, Her face, it is the fairest That e'er the sun shone on; That e'er the sun shone on, And dark blue is her e'e, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and dee.
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