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HEROIC GLORIOUS -Grand orchestra / Opera / Narration. Lead Vocals: JAMES EDWARDS (British Royal Opera) - Narration JOE LAMACHIA (CNN, MIRAMAX,etc..) DEMETRIOS KATIS (Composer - Orchestrator) EMI's PLATINUM AWARDED COMPOSER, KOSTAS KATIS (Poetry)
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Demetrios Katis (composer) - Kostas Katis (poetry)
Demetrios Katis - Konstantinos Katis
August 27, 2006
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Story behind the song
The name of the beloved of the First among the Olympian gods was sculpted by history itself on this superb part of the Earth, Europa ! Myths and traditions and history's workshop kept plotting - over the centuries - the course of the European toward his future. All good things were born and started here; and moved - from Europe - everywhere : Philosophy, science, Democracy, Emulation. Now, as the twenty - first century gallops towards its culmination point, Europe has a great debt to all people on this planet: to hammer into shape unity among its nations; to draw strength from its glorious history and its robust present; and, with the bright light of its noble ideas, to completely dispel the gloomy darkness that is menacingly spreading over Mankind. The publication of this work, Europe - Hymn and Duty쳌, is a small contribution to the historic course of United Europe. Vocal performed by James Edwards - London UK James Edwards(Member of English National Opera, Royal Opera, London Sinfonietta, The London Mozart Players and The English Sinfonia). James Edwards is one of the leading principal tenors of his generation and he is highly in demand on the international classical music world. His work includes opera, oratorio and Lieder and he works with the world's leading orchestras and conductors. His beautiful, Italianate wide ranging tenor voice, the ability to sustain a high tessitura, and his tall physique make him suitable for youthful, romantic bel canto roles. His musical pedigree, training, versatility and musicianship enable him to sing a wide variety of repertoire. Narrated by Joe Lamachia - New York, USA Joe Lamachia (Miramax Films, CNN, NBC, HBO,...) Joe Lamachia is a voice-over actor who's represented blue chip products and companies for three decades. He's distinctive and versatile. Warm and incredibly real. With a deep understanding of language and verbal communication. Joe's been an actor, broadcaster, production director, writer, producer, as well as an advertising and public relations executive. He's been the voice of Gallo, Money Magazine, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, TV network promos, Ortho-McNeil, Panasonic, Omega and Raymond Weil watches, BBC projects, Coca Cola, Merrill Lynch, The New York Law Journal, Miramax Films and hundreds more !
EUROPE, Hymn and Duty Poetry by Konstantinos Katis Music by Demetrios Katis Favorite of the gods - Goddess you are ! Cast and spread the Apollonian light And give peace so as to suckle and feed The thirsty lips of the nation's peoples. Light of the universe which knows no setting, Burning with your gaze the darkness and gloom You are the hope, and the dream and the kiss And you bring warmth to the hearts of all men. Forge the way to the future broad and wide With the hatchet of love - brightly shining - Don wings, give spirited breath, do not stop ! And lay carpets of laurel upon its passing. Notion of contest, beautiful maiden - A wreath of glory for spirit and for strength - And with the torch of peace you bring light To people and nations - even to the Gods ! You, who give birth to the wise and heroes, Send the blast of the trumpet far beyond So the voice of harmony will be heard And the message of concord will spread. Invest science with prudence and wisdom, So that it may properly serve mankind And with the flame of your soul incinerate Fear - and also the wings and pinions of war. Rise high up and lean against the sun Adorning yourself with its golden wreath So Goddess of love you shall now shine forth With the first sweet yearnings of youth. The eyes which behold you - of all the world Beseeching justice and a kind smile For the fruits, the knowledge and the word all children of the Sun and of the Earth! Europe united, eternal in your youth, You who have wisely endowed your peoples The price of democracy you exact In words and deeds - with courage in your heart. Fly high up with the gust of wind And, chisel in hand, carve creatures of sky So that they may sing the hymn to life Throughout time's ages - without end. “Oh ! Europe ! Mother and Daughter Of glorious nations” This work is protected by US, EU and International laws Copyright © 2004 Konstantinos Katis DFM-Film Music, all rights reserved. Copyright © 2004 Demetrios K. Katis
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