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High Stakes
A bluesy rock tune
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Blues - Blues Rock
Previous peak charts position #28
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #11
© Dono Musico All Rights Reserved
August 25, 2006
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6:20 minutes
Story behind the song
This song uses imagery from the world of poker to comment on the dangers of drug use.
High Stakes Copyright © Dono Musico 8/1/2006 All Rights Reserved Modern day Maverick with a deadly thirst Always looking for a game Sizes up the talent when he, sits down to play Just nods his head and stakes his claim The cards are dealt and the thirst begins to boil It’s time to pay the toll for the carpet ride The stakes keep growing higher its time to make the turn Swimming up the river against the tide (CHORUS) The powder don’t lie and needles don’t bluff You know when the stakes are high and players can’t get enough A gambler senses danger when he thinks he’s lost control You’d better read the tells, before the final raise, Before the cards go cold, or you could lose your soul (Solo-one verse/one chorus) Riverboat Gambler wears a torn pair of jeans He keeps coming back for more Lady Luck ain’t smilin’ and the worm hasn’t turned Its time to bet the ranch for one more score (CHORUS)
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