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Sins Of The Father
Texas Country with a Jackson Browne feel
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Country - Alternative Country
Previous peak charts position #40
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
© Dono Musico All Rights Reserved
August 19, 2006
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Story behind the song
This song is dedicated to and written about my oldest son who has faced and battled his demons over the last several years. This song attempts to express my love, my concern, and my dedication to helping him as much as possible. I love you, bud.
Sins of the Father © Dono Musico 1/1/2006 Words & Music by Dono I’ve got nothing more to say to you, you know how I feel I’ve made my position clear, with nothing concealed I’ve exposed my sins and scars; I’ve tried to be your friend My intentions are pure with a Love you can’t comprehend You and I aren’t so different; we live on the edge And when we reach our limits, boy, we dance on the ledge But sometimes our balance fails, we stumble and fall That’s when our pride takes a dive and our soul’s crash into the wall (Chorus) This is that awkward time, between confession and shame That time when we hang our heads and try to dodge all the blame That moment when Truth is revealed, you’re left standing alone Abandoned, exposed, adrift, a long way from home And when there’s a Cross to bear, you won’t bear it alone I share your pain, my Son; I’ve got Sins of my own I’ve felt the darkness closing in; and I know how that feels For the Sins of the Father and redemption are real What do you believe my son, what gets you through the day When the darkness stalks you again, will you get out of its way? The Bridges we build and burn we cross them one by one And we pray that the knowledge we gain is worth the damage done (Chorus)
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