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A Yogi Bear Radioplay: Azure's Pic-A-Nic Surprise
A 4:20 scene between Yogi, Booboo, and Ranger Smith.
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August 15, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is a gift to one of the AVAs on VoiceActingAlliance.com. If you listen really carefully at the end, you'll notice that every character sings Happy Birthday at the end.
Azure's Pic-A-Nic Surprise: A Yogi Bear Radioplay Starring: Bluetruth as Yogi Bear, Booboo, and Ranger Smith. Yogi: Hey, Booboo. Do you know what today is? Booboo: Another day to steal picnic baskets? Yogi: Of course Booboo, but this time it's special. Booboo: How so Yogi? Yogi: We're gonna get one for Azure. Booboo: But there aren't left in Jellystone. Yogi: Not so. There's one more pic-a-nic basket. Booboo: Oh no Yogi... you're not suggesting... Yogi: That's right Booboo, Ranger Smith's. Booboo: The ranger isn't going to like this. Yogi: Don't worry Booboo, I have this all planned out. Booboo: Ok... if that's what you want Yogi, but don't blame me when the ranger is angry. Ranger: Yogi. Booboo. You too up to your old shinanigans again? Yogi: No sir Mr Ranger Sir. Booboo: There aren't any picnic basket's left. Ranger: Except mine... and I have my eyes on you. Yogi: That's right Mr Ranger Sir. You have your eyes on me. Ranger: That's right Yogi, I have my eyes on you. Yogi: But what about Booboo. Ranger: Huh? What? Booboo... I forgot about Booboo! Booboo: Ranger, please it's for a good caue. Yogi: That's right Mr. Ranger Sir, it's Azure's Birthday. Ranger: Well... just this once Yogi... Yogi: Hey Mr. Ranger, wanna join us to sing? Booboo: Come'on we're going to do it. Ranger: Alright fine... Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Azure. Happy Birthday to you! And Many More! Yogi: Happy birthday from all of us here at Jellystone! Booboo: We'll be back next year. Ranger: And it won't be with MY picnic basket.