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They call me Kaypias on the streetz
This is based on an actual dream I had about having a shootout with Norfolk's police force and the tribulations that come with it.
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HipHop - Hardcore Rap
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Kevin M. Pennington
Kevin M. Pennington
August 15, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is based on an actual dream I had about a friend of mine that wanted me to go to a party hosted by some girl he had met. I was involved with someone & couldn't go. He didn't know anyone so I told him to call me if he got into any problems. Later on, I got a phone call from him and I heard gun shots in the background. I was on my way with the burner (gun).When I got there,I seen he was in a shoot out with some thugs so I went to help. All of a sudden, The dream switched up (as they do) to the THUGS turning into actual police officers shooting at me. I had to escape,So I did what I had no choice to do.
I heard shots & started running cops had started gunning I had thoughts of hot ones coming to penetrate my skull I threw my back against a wall then ducked behind a caddy I had a strategy so I wouldn't be a casualty had to be fast to beat such tragedy still the savage beast came after me like I actually asked for that catastrophe ran past a tree knew I wouldn't hesitate to blast police I flashed the piece made sure I let em see it started firing to make quadriplegics sirens were in the mist the iron was in my fist I was trying not to miss cause dying was not on my list expired my whole clip they did a violent flip bodies started twitchin it was time to dip needed a whip quick so I slipped into thier cruiser had very little time to slip a clip into my ruger I sped off after lettin more lead off at the beast in pursuit tryin to take they head off I had to escape I seen no other choices they wanted me dead I could hear it in they voices over their radio they called for reinforcements they already confirmed two bloody corpses now livin or dying is of little or no more importance go to court on the streets no time for city ordinance 3 oclock in the morning faded & felling nauseous making my way throughout these many street courses doing a ball & some change dipping like Jeff Gordon A casual con structure of gas pedals and air Jordans the media was involved I know I got an audience they flashing my picture on Americas most wanted somehow I feel famous without a major endorsement like Jesse James being pusued by over 1000 horses had to escape make sure the aim was flawless bullets penetrating off the hood of they Taurus the Caprice moved forward towards the tunnel to Portsmouth listened for Norfolk's forces but the sound was distorted the tunnel was blocked so I stopped the Caprice started on feet took more shots at police caught one in my fleece made me drop to my knees and felt a burning sensation like I done caught a disease cops kept gunning I got lead in my stomach blood heavily running Id rather be running Id rather be blunted alive or dead Im wanted Kaypias