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Couldnt Tell Ya
Beat: Tupac - Smile
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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August 13, 2006
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Story behind the song
Personally love this beat so i had to make a track on it. Any questions?
im feelin how it feels-forces confront you and you kneel they hunt you and you squeal-they fuck you and you peel im feelin how it feels-to be lonely missin ones you love for steel the government is real-they got a badge but still they rob and steal im feelin how it feels-stuck up in the deal just know i can relate-dont ever let the coppas seal ya fate dont take the bait it isnt fake you can even feel the hate deep inside ya gut ya feel the bake-feel the pressure incubate and still you stray its day to day-it'll never change so lemme get it str8-you feelin how it feels to be a feathaweight thats when they pushin thumbs and makin rules like stay in school so they can play you fools into thinkin that the cash rules its like you locked up in a system that you cant escape its chaos in alotta ways-were all the witches of the modern day you gotta love the way they demonize-yet they in disguise filled with lies i can see it in they eyes but they the law so then they pry ask me why? i couldnt tell ya-