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Kaito Kid vs. Snake
A short scene from my current radioplay production. This is the scene when Kaito Kid and Snake first face off.
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August 11, 2006
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Story behind the song
This is just a small clip that I recorded as a sound check for the Kaito Kid radioplay. It has a few pops here and there, but that wasn't my biggest goal. My goal was to test voices for characters.
Snake: I'd better call you Kuroba Toichi, right? Long time no see, kid!! Kaito: It's the same voice as on the phone from yesterday... Snake: (gun shots) Don't touch the jewel!! I warned you once. Kaito: That's my father! K... Kuroba Toichi! Who killed my father... Snake: Give me the jewel, and I'll spare your life! Kaito: What?! Snake: Eight years ago, you came into our way, so, we had to get rid of you. I never thought you were still alive. Kaito: It's them!