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Maybe Life Goes On...
An original instrumental piano piece.
Album - $3.00
Creative Commons license
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Instrumentals - Classical
Previous peak charts position #3,957
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #189
T.B. Strong II (BMI)
2006 T.B. Strong II. All Rights Reserved.
August 08, 2006
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128 kbps bitrate
1:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Imagine, if you will, a small sleepy townsquare on a Saturday morning or afternoon. An old man sits on a parkbench and watches as the world go by around him. Some kids ride their bicycles on the sidewalk headed for the general store to spend their allowance on some candy. A father and a son are going to the barbershop for a bi-weekly trim. That is the mood conveyed in this piece.