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Khmer Love
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Morlica Chantu Long
July 28, 2006
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"Khmer Love" 2006 Words in brackets are translation MO-C LYRIKAL: I’m forever you’re oun srey[baby girl]/ I won’t let you go so don’t pey[worry]/ When we’re together things will be okay/ I’ll love you throughout every night and every day/ Promise to never go away/ Forever by your side I’ll stay/ So I’m giving you all my snahae[love]/ Cause you and I are meant to be songsas[lovers]/ Standing side by side/ So put you’re thi in my thi[hand in my hand]/ Hold me tight throughout the night/ While we dance up in the moonlight/ Cause I’m so in love with you Bong[boy]/ That I’ve written you this little song/ Cause in you’re arms is where I belong/ and I know this love can never go wrong...