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1 minute battle to a cat name AlongForTheRide
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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July 22, 2006
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so if what u want is war i can bring it to you youll never leave my clutches each time i spit its voodoo who knew--2 is 2 much you gettin killed like ku klux fuck a rude slut--bring 'er along for the ride you could call it homicide or call it crime noose 'n a neck will make ya lose respect im a motha fuckin vet consider me A-bombs--your totin' napalm you better stay calm before you spray songs fuck a week how could i take long to prey on im takin a cake walk fuck the fake talk im real as space walks aimed to take off no holes barred im swingin off the bench put u in submission then im sittin on the bench my henchmen on the fence you actin dense and there it went-now it all makes sense this come at a real cost you're real lost im too busy laughin to be poppin steel off feel the reaper--breathin on your career --here here- ill crush everything you hold dear all ya dreams and fears my words become reality-when you realize you're another casualty and laughibly you're not the first-not the last and not the worst wrong place at the wrong time want a rematch? well there's a long line