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Matricidal Christian Necrophiliac
No bass on this recording. didn't have a bass for a long time and forgot the riffs. so f*** it
Metal - Death/Black Metal
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July 14, 2006
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5:10 minutes
Raised on lies, bullshit, and fantasy Following one, who never existed Brainwashed, manipulated poisoned my soul cannot stand this any longer I take your life without remorse Your boy has become a man this day he took a life The life of his own flesh and blood now i have found new faith one who i love and trust he will transform me into something great into darkness i will rise if you truly believe in your god then i must introduce you For all the lies you've told My knife in your heart you looked so scared I show no emotion as you fall into my arms Matricidal christian necrophiliac I despise you for raising me this way Your demented soul i will set free follow the light, as i will step into darkness I'll find myself, and find my lord He helps me live my life He told me you have to leave now go All signs of life are lost You collapse unto the dirt I have this urge The sight of this dead woman Has made me become aroused Matricidal christian necrophiliac I undress this bloody heap That i once thought i knew i put myself back in her womb I hammer her corpse and dislogde my knife From her bloody chest I slice her throat from ear to ear As i inseminate the womb This sight of blood makes my semen flow I am my own creation Let the darkness overcome
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