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Everyone's Grudge
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Dark-themed cemetery song in a blues/gospel/goth sorta tone.
Blues - Blues General
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Capers Simmons
July 04, 2006
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“Everyone's Grudge (The Tonberry Song)” Capers Simmons VERSE I Everyone's grudge gets settled tonight. Justice comes at the end of a knife. Don't get mad, get even; Everyone's grudge gets gone. Bate your breath and hold it tight 'Cause everyone's grudge gets settled tonight Up come the sun, gonna be all right But tonight CHORUS I Brothers and Sisters, light your lanterns Brothers and Sisters, sharpen your knives Brothers and Sisters, hearken your captains Brothers and Sisters, fight for your lives VERSE II Call upon the souls that the Strangers killed, Call upon the souls in the cemetery hill. Don't get mad, get even; Everyone's grudge gets gone. Bait your traps and save your light; Everyone's grudge gets settled tonight. They may run some, but they know they can't hide From everyone's grudge tonight. ~ CHORUS I ~ VERSE III Don't get hid, for we know how to find Don't get scared, for we know how to die Don't get mad, get even Red blood runs tonight Call upon Karma, Justice and Fate Call upon Chaos, Vengeance and Hate We know how to watch and we know how to wait Everyone won't come late ~ CHORUS I ~ CHORUS II Brothers and Sisters, fight in your anger Brother in blood, tonight we end lives Sister Resister, righteous in rancor Brothers and Sisters, willing to die
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