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(Love Is Just A) Four-Letter Lie
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Cristina Aguilera / Kelly Clarkson style uptempo pop song
Pop - Pop General
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Capers Simmons
June 08, 2006
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“Four-Letter Lie” Capers Simmons VERSE I “I knew a girl—” Wait a minute have you heard this one before? I know I have, and I don’t gotta hear no more. (It goes on) “She had these eyes—” Doesn’t everybody here who isn’t blind? I know I do, and I can see right through all the lies, PRECHORUS Through the rosy-colored glasses in your eyes, Looking up at lavender skies that are really gray. CHORUS Never trust somebody who will always say they love you. Never trust somebody with those beautiful eyes. Never trust your heart, its just too easy to deceive you ‘Cause love is just a four-letter lie. VERSE II “She had this smile—” Yeah, I can smile, too; that doesn’t mean I’ll tell the truth. Will you believe? That’s up to you. (It goes on) “She was so beautiful—” Ha! That doesn't mean a thing, it ain't no deeper than the skin But you cannot see inside – love is blind ~ PRECHORUS I ~ CHORUS ~ BRIDGE For so long You’ve been listening to Love songs They’ve been steering you So wrong Don’t you know? ~ PRECHORUS I ~ CHORUS I ~ CHORUS II Never trust somebody who will always say they need you Never trust somebody with a beautiful smile You better trust me, baby, ‘cause I’m telling you the real truth That love is just a four-letter lie ~ CHORUS I ~
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