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Gotta Have Heart
Single - $1.00
Alternative - Avant Rock
Charts #9 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Previous peak charts position #22
Austin Miller
March 22, 2009
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4:22 minutes
Story behind the song
A Suggestive song about what we all have, but need to realize, that we should use a lot more of, constructively, HEART.
When X or Y splashes down penetrates the target love will find a way to start that beating heart more than just protoplasm a water bag chasm They say my blood is blue, red is what I get Feeling fine and doing well it seems to never fail That's a deep subject 'well ' or so goes the fairy tale We must all stand tall for something or fall Jack how deep is the water, Jill has dropped the pail (chorus:) My pulse is throbbing, tick tock. Beating just like a clock Hear it's loving tone, Strong in harmony I'm not alone Gotta, gotta, gotta have heart Home sweet home is where you throw your hat You must always know, where your head is really at I wanna go, go home then I wanna stay home Home is where your heart is, imagine that Lincoln has been known to pay a penny for your thoughts The buck stops here one of the lessons George taught Money won't buy love or win the wars, they must be fought You can go broke saving money Benjamins not. (repeat chorus)
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