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Blind f/Sonny V.
2nd Track on 'Nightfall'- Collab w/Bloodthirsty Ent.'s Sonny V. Tight beat, medium speed flows, and lyrics about life. Tha 2nd Verse is my personal favorite
Single - $0.50
Album - $5.00
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #4,140
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #895
July 05, 2007
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320 kbps bitrate
5:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Really, Sonny & I were havin a talk about life, why we hadn't made it yet, what it takes to succeed, etc. & this song just kinda happened. He wrote his verse on tha spot & i wrote tha 1st verse then too. It was originally only gonna have 2 verses, but a lil later i was goin through some shyt, started feelin a lil down, & that's how i came up w/tha 2nd verse. Like i've done on a lot of tha tracks on this album, i quit tryin to rap & simply wrote what i was feeling. In fact, tha album title "Nightfall" really has nothing to do w/tha title track, it's really an allusion to time passing us by- just don't tell anyone else (ha)
Blind Chorus So many times I've struggled to make it out tha streets but like tha blind i couldn't see i'm already free (so when you think of me think of what a man should be think of what a soldier is and think if you can handle me) V1 I put my life on tha line in order to rise above the rest of my kind I figured my talents were a sign that it was my turn to shine but since tha money was slow from writing rhymes I stumbled into a life of crime I risked it all in order to ball was blinded by the dollar signs I'd search tha nights to find somebody to buy what I supplied negotiated with clients while trying to hook 'em, that's by design and when tha time was right was able to push my prices high and if some nigga would buy from a rival then fuck it, it's time to ride I entered tha game for money and fame tha more that I make the more that I crave from slanging beats to moving that weight as long as I'm paid, i'm never gonna change they tell me greed's a fuckin disease with tha power to bring even saints to their knees that may be tha case with me cuz if you come short then i guarantee somebody bleeds it's all in pursuit of riches and yeah, ya'll probably think I'm vicious well if you niggaz just shut up and listen you'll see that tha fuckin mission is for Tila to get it then flip it stash it then bargain with it pass it down to my children but take it back if they start to spend it Chorus V2 Yeah it's hard to believe, it's been 2 years since my last cd and what tha fuck?! I'm still here selling beats in tha streets?! I'm 24, i'm supposed to be rich spending my weeks at tha beach with Alicia Keys feeding me grapes while massaging my feet I thought I'd sell a million records and when I was bored making hits i'd win an Oscar with Pacino, write an epic with Pitt then have a scandalous affair with that Destiny's chick but right now, let's be real they don't even know I exist and that's tha point i'm getting to if you squander what life has given you it'll take it back, slowly but surely until it's finished you and if it's true, I fear i may never get to see my visions through but if I do, I know it was God not the individual cuz life's got a way of deceiving you leading you further from your path and every failure freezes you seeming to grab and hold you back but as each loss is leeching and feeding bleeding you dry of cash you can stop tha cycle, tha key's to beat it with all you have Chorus V3- Sonny's verse Chorus
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